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Start of new course 0

Start of new course

As you may have noticed, this month there have been no updates to Super Status Bar. This is because I’ve gone back to the college after the summer holidays. This new course has started...

End of college exams! 0

End of college exams!

End of college exams! Now to work on the new and awesome version of Super Status Bar to enjoy all, seriously, you’ll love it!

Returning to work! 0

Returning to work!

Returning to work!   Working on beta 14: -Dramatic improvement in stability of the app -Gradient color-based backgrounds -Positioning based entirely on MixMyBar -Fixing a lot of issues #android #androiddev #superstatusbar

University exams 0

University exams

For 2 weeks, and the next few weeks, I’ll be inactive in the development of my applications due to my final exams at the university. All emails received will be read and answered when...