SSB: Create your theme

Now Super Status Bar has support for themes

We have created an online builder preparing to upload your theme to Google Play uncomplicated

You create the icons, we do the rest

To create a theme for Super Status Bar should consider:

The themes of Super Status Bar are composed of 3 basic parts:
-Pack of icons
-Pack of toggles
-Pack of backgrounds
Of these 3 the only obligatory is the pack of icons.

You can download a sample packet of each:

Template for icons
Template for toggles
Template for backgrounds

IMPORTANT: You must respect the given file names in templates and all images must be in .png file format.
Moreover, the background for the top bar should not have any transparency.
The file format must be provided in .zip
The toggles can be wider than the examples but should fit at least 4 on screen at once (portrait mode)

Once you have created your zip, use this form to create the apk

Super Status Bar Theme Builder form
(Minimum version to test theme icons: 0.16.1)
(Minimum version to test theme icons, theme backgrounds and theme toggles: 0.16.2)
Get Super Status Bar on Google Play

How to use or test themes:

After installing open it. Then open Super Status Bar and you will find the theme in the themes section.

How to publish your theme on GooglePlay:

Follow this guide

Available themes: HERE