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Good news guys! 0

Good news guys!

The problem of preferences on 4.X are solved! Now we just finished the latest optimizations and styles to be ready! And as I promised … next week will release the beta 14!!!

End of college exams! 0

End of college exams!

End of college exams! Now to work on the new and awesome version of Super Status Bar to enjoy all, seriously, you’ll love it!

For Android 4.x users 0

For Android 4.x users

Please read! It seems that configuration problems in 4.0 and 4.1 are solved as follows: -Make all the settings you want in Super Status Bar -Exit the app and head to the system options....

For Samsung users 0

For Samsung users

For Samsung users (see video) -Registered issue: -Samsung don’t answer with a solution on their official dev forums: So.. sorry users, but Samsung is a terrible company, over 1 year and still not...

Returning to work! 0

Returning to work!

Returning to work!   Working on beta 14: -Dramatic improvement in stability of the app -Gradient color-based backgrounds -Positioning based entirely on MixMyBar -Fixing a lot of issues #android #androiddev #superstatusbar

FireZenk’s ProgressBar source published 0

FireZenk’s ProgressBar source published

I’ve posted the source code of a progress bar that I created for Android. This progress bar is highly customizable and lightweight. The source code is posted on my GitHub: Enjoy!

Tumblr template based on twitter bootstrap 1

Tumblr template based on twitter bootstrap

A tumblr template based on twitter bootstrap Features: -Full “Bootstrap” style -Tag cloud -Twitter ready -Responsive design -Finder enabled -Full background customizable -Custom pages support -Submit page support -Ask page support Demo: Download:...