Atom editor and first contribution to the project

Just a few days ago that Github surprised us all by announcing its own editor: Atom editor.
From there, he started a closed beta for a few lucky users could begin to test the editor and contribute ideas and new plugins.

Just yesterday I was lucky to get an invitation for the beta and so I will discuss a bit about Atom editor.

The first impression is that it is rather like Sublime Text 3, but for example do not have a complete tool bar like Sublime (yet), it certainly has similarities in both appearance and use.

One of the things I liked most is the console, from which you can perform any action, this console also has similarities with Sublime.

Another thing that have a lot of my attention is its seamless integration with git, such level of integration I’ve only seen in IntelliJ IDEA, really impressive and useful.

Following the similarities to Sublime, we have the package manager, which are similar but the manager Atom wins in this aspect by the following:

  • Better integration
  • Installed by default
  • More intuitive
  • Package update notifications

Another great thing is that you can develop your plugins using CoffeScript and/or JavaScript, which create a plugin is almost a pleasure.

A big plus of Atom and I have to say is: it’s open source!

All source code is published on GitHub (except the core) and therefore can be modified to individual taste, not only limited to providing an interface for plugins or themes, you can modify all the things you like.

For now I’m enjoying it a lot and so I decided to make a plugin to add one of my favorite languages​​: Lua

Here is my Atom editor plugin: language-lua

Lua language support in Atom
Add syntax highlighting and snippets to Lua files in Atom.

And to end, I hope this editor continues to grow and soon to be published to all, because it has great idea with great community behind it and can the best open source editor!

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