Introducing Bigot, a semantic, mustache inspired, template engine

This project grew out of another’m holding in my spare time, but that does not matter now.

Introducing: Bigot, a template engine inspired on Moustache but modified to be more semantic and easy to understand.

Bigot is a small engine that gradually will be adding new features.

For now Bigot can render from objects that can represent isolated objects or even loops from arrays.
It also has a Grunt plugin for compile Bigot templates statically.

A little sample:
source = "<ul>{loop people}<li>{name}, {age}</li>{end people}</ul>";

data = {people: [{name: "Abby", age: "24"},
{name: "Matt", age: "32"},
{name: "John", age: "18"}]};

console.log(bigot.render(source, data));

outputs: <ul><li>Abby, 24</li><li>Matt, 32</li><li>John, 18</li></ul>

For more details, please visit the project repository: HERE

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