End of first semester exams!

It has been a difficult exam weeks… several projects to finish and not much time to study.
Even with all this, the balance is very positive, but I still expect some qualifications, everything seems to have gone very well!

To begin, the HTML5 framework I created for one of the subjects, Zimit Framework, has been the highest rating!

Also I have learned many new things and refresh forgotten skills such as PHP and CakePHP framework.

What’s more, I learned the basics of KDD and specifically: data mining, although I could not spend all the effort required.

And many other things, the truth, study more subjects than would be normal is quite enough, and even takes much time for other things, but as I say the result has been more than satisfactory.

On the other hand, in the little free time I had, I could get a big update for Super Status Bar, which reduced the memory usage in an impressive 50%! I also found some time to continue learning has to do games with LibGDX library which I leave you now a little videos.


To conclude this brief overview of my professional and student life of these past 2 months, I want to thanks the patience and feedback from users of SSB without which SSB would not be so amazing!


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