Today my HTML5 framework: Zimit Framework was released!

After spending the entire semester of college I finally released to the world the project I was working.

I present: Zimit Framework, the framework for building HTML5 websites based only on LESS code.

Few features:

– Built with the idea of creating a robust base for a complete and uniform prototyping framework for HTML5 websites, Zimit provides a complete design skeleton and a suite of components fully stylized.

– Zimit is built based on the modularity provided by CSS3 and enhanced by LESS. Thanks to this, Zimit be compiled using all or part of the modules, so it can be: since only a simple pattern to a complete solution.

– The framework is designed to create a uniform and unified styled interface. Each component follows a generic and pleasant style, resulting in a lightweight and user-friendly web interface.

Know more about Zimit Framework at:


I have devoted much effort to create this comprehensive framework for building responsive web pages, I hope you enjoy.

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