Super Status Bar updated to 0.13b

Super Status Bar now supports custom text fonts!

Some errors have been repaired and improved parts.
Also translated the notification panel and improved the translation into French.

-To use your custom text fonts, you must put them in the following directory of your SD card: /Android/data/com.firezenk.ssb/fonts/


– Custom fonts (most of .otf and .ttf)
– Panel localized
– Better french translation
– Fixed am/pm font error
– Fixed signal data FC\’s
– Solved MIUI bar flickering

Market Download

AndroidPIT Download

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4 Responses

  1. krucifix says:

    Where do I report bugs?

    Phone reception icon doesn’t update often enough. Often I see the icon as “No reception” even though I have reception, or it shows “full reception” even though I have none.

    When my phone locks itself, the reception icon changes to the “No reception” icon. I have to stop and start the bar to get the reception icon back.

    No “phone in background” support. When I’m in a phone call and I hit the home button, the green bar up top is not visible.

    When I hit the “clear panel” button, it also clears ‘ongoing’ notifications (like Tasker, Winamp, SSB).

    I really like this app, and love the level of customization you’ve aimed for. Good luck getting it all good. 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    When is your next update, any idea?

  3. Gideon says:

    Loving the you update but the way the app eats up memory to the point of soft reboots on both stock launcher and go launcher applications has become annoying.

    Using the HTC Sensation 2.3.4

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